6 Reasons for CCTV in all Pubs and Bars…

Sports Pub Football

We know that sporting events, in particular football, attract large crowds of fans to pubs and bars. Whether it’s the FA cup, the Premier League, the Championship or even the World Cup! Is your business prepared for the crowds?

Since the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice in 2003, when determining a licence application local licensing authorities can no longer place CCTV as a mandatory requirement for pubs in England and Wales. However the licensing authority can make it a requirement if they feel it is necessary.

“Applications in relation to licensed premises must take into account the circumstances surrounding that application and whether a requirement to have a surveillance camera system is appropriate in that particular case. For example, it is unlikely that a trouble-free community pub would present a pressing need such that a surveillance camera condition would be justified.”
– Surveillance Camera Code of Practice 2003 (1.15)

6 Benefits of CCTV in Pubs and Bars…

Although CCTV is no longer an enforced requirement to obtain a licence, the benefits of having a CCTV installation on your premises far outweighs any disadvantage. Here are just some of the advantages to you and your customers.

CCTV protects critically vulnerable areas of your business, such as till points, stock rooms, exits and entrances, offices and safes.  A CCTV installation can prevent theft or vandalism of your property, stock or merchandise. Or catch the perpetrator if this happens to you!  By installing CCTV you can lower the amount of fights and violence that occur, or identify the persons responsible in the event of a fight or violent incident.  Protect your staff! Tempers can fly in emotionally charged atmospheres such as sporting events or at busy peak times. It is important to protect your staff from any verbal or physical abuse.  Protect yourself! CCTV can be used in the defence of any allegations made against you or your business, either by a member of the public or members of staff.  Protect your business! If any monetary or stock discrepancies arise then CCTV can be used if any staff investigations need to be carried out. CCTV can also prevent this happening in the first place.

Don’t forget: Your are required to hold any CCTV footage you have for a minimum of 30 days and your CCTV installation is required by law to be registered with the ICO
(Information Commissioner’s Office)



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